Mailing Lists

DRCNet maintains the following e-mail lists:

Name Description
DRCTalk This is an e-mail list for activists working for reform.  It is where we come to discuss new ideas, strategies, and to argue the finer points of drug policy.   It is a busy list, composed of experienced and dedicated activists who know quite a bit about the subject.  It is a busy list, and it is recommended that all participants familiarize themselves with the contents of the online library before they sign on.
ASAP The ASAP mailing list is composed of pain patients, their family, doctors, and caregivers, working together to improve legitimate medical access to pain medications.   It is a busy list and some of the people on the list tend to be sensitive because they are in pain. 
The Great
Drug Debate
The Great Drug Debate is a mailing list devoted to the drug legalization debate.  It is generally a low-volume list.

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To unsubscribe from any of the above lists, send an e-mail to which contains one of the following lines:

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