Liberties prized in Iowa?

    Our state motto is: "Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain."  I'd like to suggest that our Republican-dominated state Senate and our governor read these words.  They may also want to read the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.  It seems to me that they've chosen to ignore these things that protect the rights of all people.
    I would also like to thank Republican Senator Jack Rife and all of our Democratic senators for standing up for the rights of the working people of this state.

-- Charles Danner,
326 N. Maple, Carroll.

    Hooray for Ed Fallon for providing our legislators with an opportunity to actually experience the consequences of their actions.  It's called accountability and they avoid it at all costs.
    I am refering to the random drug testing travesty the legislators just passed.  Once again, they have caved in to the self-serving demands of "influential" (monied) corporations and blatantly violated the rights of all workers in Iowa.  We are left holding the specimen cup.
    Big Business has been steadily and effectively seizing control of almost every aspect of our lives for years.  Random drug testing is a major assault.   It is a total invasion of our privacy, it's personally demeaning and demoralizing and erodes our self respect.  Our own integrity is questioned and stripped away.
    Big Brother is looming closer and closer.  What will be next?   I can envision "random home inspections" for employees in our future.   They will be checking for any pilfered office supplies along with anything else they have deemed inappropriate.
    If our legislators can so casually cast aside employee rights because random drug testing in the workplace is a "necessity," then it is time to demand the same privilege.  After all we are the employers of our elected officials.

-- Karen Higgins,
340 S.E. Marion, Des Moines.

Times change

    The Fourth Amendment to the constitution was ratified in 1791.  I'm sure that 207 years ago these men had no idea of the hazardous chemicals and dangerous equipment we work with today.
    I feel my Constitutional rights are being violated if I have to work beside someone strung out on drugs and alcohol.  After more than 50 years of working in the construction field, I have seen some horrible accidents caused by drug- and alcohol-related problems.
    My hat is off to the employers that demand drug tests in the workplace.   Those among you who feel you are being violated should start your own businesses and hire all the druggies and alcoholics you can and see how long you last.

-- Wendell Hobert,
604 S. Jackson St., Charles City.

The Des Moines Register
Tuesday, March 17, 1998, Page 8A