Branstad signs bill on drug testing

    Workers could be subject to random tests for use of alcohol or other drugs under legislation signed into law by Gov. Terry Branstad on Tuesday.
    The governor labeled the bill "the right prescription at the right time" and said it would reduce industrial accidents and cut the use of drugs in the workplace.
    "If you want to work and prosper in Iowa, you better stay away from illegal drugs," Branstad said at a formal signing ceremony attended by dozens of supporters of the bill.
    Businesses currently can test workers for drug use, but there are restrictions that employers argue are so tight they make the law meaningless.
    The new law, which takes effect in 30 days, allows random and unannounced tests of workers.  It also allows pre-employment screening tests without including a physical examination and allows testing if companies have a "reasonable suspicion" of drug use.

The Des Moines Register
Wednesday, March 18, 1998, Page 4M