Ed Fallon
1321 8th St.
Des Moines, IA 50314
Iowa House District 70
Democratic Incumbent

  1. Do you think we are winning the War on Drugs?

    No, we need to shift our focus from law enforcement to prevention and treatment.

    No, we should discuss moving toward legalization of drugs to eliminate the black market and its associated violence.

    Other: All options should be considered, but current approach is a failure.

  2. Do you support legislation to allow patients under a doctor's supervision to use marijuana for medical conditions?


  3. Do you favor a legal distinction between marijuana and hard drugs?


  4. What is your position on the use of alcohol and tobacco?

    Other: Keep 'em legal, but tax the dickens out of cigarettes, ban advertising for both, and crack down on companies that violate the law (e.g., marketing cigarettes to teens).

  5. Do you think Congress should establish a blue-ribbon commission to evaluate national drug policy?


  6. Are you interested in participating in the discussion and development of drug policy?