Stephanie Seemuth
4872 Mallard Ave.
Northwood, IA 50459
Iowa House District 20
Republican Challenger

  1. Do you think we are winning the War on Drugs?

    Other: Until we create a society which rewards and values self control and achievement without the use of drugs, until we place more value on individuals of all races & creeds, we will not win.

  2. Do you support legislation to allow patients under a doctor's supervision to use marijuana for medical conditions?

    Other: I would need strict controls on the indication for useage medically.

  3. Do you favor a legal distinction between marijuana and hard drugs?


  4. What is your position on the use of alcohol and tobacco?

    Prohibition was tried & failed. Incentives in health insurance benefits & policies may be helpful.

  5. Do you think Congress should establish a blue-ribbon commission to evaluate national drug policy?

    As a state, Iowa might establish their own task force - national commissions generally spout rhetoric with little substance resulting.

  6. Are you interested in participating in the discussion and development of drug policy?