Drug Policy Forum of Iowa

1996 Survey of Iowa Politicians

Drug Testing Legislation in Iowa

Iowa Media & Drug Policy Debate

Constitutionality of Drug Prohibition

Lewis J. Atley v. State of Iowa - September 9, 1997

The history of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States

Medical Marijuana: Beyond the War on Drugs - Liberty, July 1997

Using civil punishment to defeat the Fifth Amendment

Kicking the Drug War Habit: A 12 Step Approach - February 19, 1997

Drug Policy Forum of Texas

1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances

Article on George Soros from the New York Times - December 17, 1996

Government Servers and Information

State and National Media

20th Annual Governor's Conference on Substance Abuse - April 14-15, 1997

Police sponsoring anti-drug forums - Des Moines Register - March 7, 1997

Drug Czar coming to Des Moines - Des Moines Register - February 11, 1997

Links to other sources of information

World's Largest On-Line Collection of Drug Policy Information

The Drug Policy Foundation

The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

The Drug Reform Coordination Network

Cannabis Use in the United States: Implications for Policy

Dutch Drug Policy

Dutch Cannabis Policy

Cannabis Users in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - by Peter Cohen

Compare Legal Drugs with Illegal Drugs

PRISONS: Growth Industry of the '90s

Marijuana, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Newt Ginrich, and Clarence Thomas

1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs

United Nations International Drug Control Programme

The National Drug Control Strategy, 1997

Justice Information Center

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