Disgusted by Gill's comments

To the editor:
     I read with disgust the comments of Gordon Gill (Quips & Quotes, May 8).  According to Gill, the majority of registered voters in California are nothing but outlaws and criminals for voting to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.  Perhaps Gill has a plan to build walls and electric fenses around the state to keep these criminals from breaking out and terrorizing the rest of the nation.
     And, perhaps, Gill has a plan to protect us from the Iowa Senate, which voted 50-0 to distribute medical pot here in Iowa in 1993 (something which they later found out would be in violation of federal law).  Not to mention the House Committee on Human Resources, which voted unanimously to ask for federal legalization of medical pot back in 1994.  Yes sir, a real bunch of hippies, rioters and gang members.
     Gill's passionate plea to criminalize the possession of tobacco show his complete disregard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  That's the only solution small-minded people can come up with for complex social, economic and medical problems - pass a law making it illegal.  If it isn't dangerous enough already, we'll make it dangerous, by golly.

Carl E. Olsen
Des Moines

Thursday, May 15, 1997, Page 6A
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