Maintenance of Cannabis germplasm in the Vavilov Research Institute gene bank - 1994

        In 1994 the VIR and IHA continue their Cannabis germplasm preservation programme.  A third partner, the Italian ENEA Institute is involved as well.  A total of more than 100 accessions has been sown on five locations: Pavlovsk, Ekaterinino and Kuban in Russia, Ustimovka in Ukraine and Bari in Italy.
        In Russia and Ukraine plant emergence and early growth have been slow due to cold spring wheather, but with the advent of higher summer temperatures crop growth has accelerated.  A detailed report on the results obtained in 1994 will be presented in the next issue of this journal.
        Due to inflation in Russia, the costs of the project have doubled in 1994 relative to 1993.  Donations to help continue this project are very welcome.   Persons or organisations donating US $100 or more to the project will receive a VIR memorial medallion and/or pin and/or a copy of the VIR Cannabis sativa descriptor list, a 34 page booklet in English and Russian.