Clean hemp pulp technology

        At the Ukranian Pulp and Paper Research Institute (UPPRI) a new ammonia-sulfite-alcohol drip percolation pulping technology has been developed on laboratory scale.  Current pulping technology for bast fibre crops such as hemp and kenaf requires the separation of the stems into bast and core.  The processes of removal, storage and utilisation of the core involve environmental and technical problems which had not been solved so far.  The pulping of the bast encounters problems associated with the tendency of its long fibres to twist.
        The new drip percolation technology makes it possible to process the whole hemp stem into pulp.  Costs for capital, energy and labour are less than with current technologies and environmental pollution is strongly reduced.
        The UPPRI wants to set up a pilot plant with a capacity of 7 ton/day of air dried pulp to further develop and optimize the new technology.  The project will be partially financed from the institute's budget.   The UPPRI is looking for parties interested in this project.  A more detailed proposal is available at the IHA, or inquiries can be made to The Ukranian Pulp and Paper Research Institute: 18/7 Kutuzovstreet, Kiev 252133, Ukraine.