Bioresource Hemp Product and Technology Exhibition & Technological-Scientific Symposium

March 2-5, 1995, Frankfurt, Germany, as part of the BIO FACH '95

The nova-Institute for Political and Ecological Innovation in Cologne and the marketing firm TriTec, Bochum, have organized the first international product and technology exhibition on hemp as a bioresource, to be held from March 2-5, 1995.in Frankfurt. The first international scientific-technological symposium on the subject of hemp will be held concurrently.

Product and Technology Exhibition

The aim of the BIORESOURCE HEMP is to support the realization of innovative ecological products based on hemp; to bring together scientists, companies and institutions involved in hemp technology and hemp product development. Further synergistic effects result from its proximity to BIO FACH '95, which is the largest trade fair of ecological consumer goods world-wide. In March 1994, more than 675 BIO FACH exhibitors displayed their products. At the same time, the BIO FACH Congress also takes place. There, experts report on current topics relevant to the eco-industry.

Owing to the proximity to BIO FACH, the exhibitors of BIORESOURCE HEMP have the opportunity to present their new product lines and innovative technologies to a great number of ecologically interested visitors. Approximately 30 companies and institutes from various countries will present their technologies and products in a projected exhibition area of 1,000 square meters.

Technological-Scientific Symposium

A four-day hemp symposium will also be held. Conference languages are German and English and the admission fee for 4 days is DM 600 (students DM 300). For one day it is DM 250 (students DM 125). For IHA members, a 20% reduction applies if the registration fee is paid before February 28.

The symposium will cover the entire spectrum of current international hemp research and technology development. The scientific level of the symposium is intended to allow a realistic assessment of the unquestionably attractive biological resource, hemp.

Preliminary program:

First day, March 2:

Second day, March 3:

Third day, March 4:

Fourth day, March 5:

Currently over 30 scientists from more than 12 countries are expected. Speakers were selected by the nova-Institute in cooperation with the International Hemp Association (IHA). A detailed preliminary program can be obtained from the nova-Institute or contact the IHA.

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