VIR germplasm preservation project

In 1994, the Vavilov Research Institute/International Hemp Association Cannabis Germplasm Preservation Project had its second successful year of growing out endangered seed accessions. The project was expanded in 1994 to include facilities in the Ukraine and Italy. However, additional grow out locations must be arranged for 1995 and 1996. A progress report will be presented by the IHA at the Bioresource Hemp symposium to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, March 2-5, 1995 and will also be published in the third issue of the Journal of the International Hemp Association.

The most important obstacle the VIR/IHA project faces is funding for the 1995 grow outs. A concerted effort will be made to canvas the symposium participants for both IHA membership and public/private grants to support the Cannabis Germplasm Preservation Project.

The IHA will also present several other talks at Bioresource Hemp concerning various aspects of Cannabis, its production and utilization. We anticipate that this symposium will bring together many interesting members of the Cannabis community and it should be very worthwhile for those interested in the advancement of Cannabis as an environmentally friendly crop (see announcement on pg. 64).