Guide to the scientific literature
on potential medical uses of Cannabis and the cannabinoids

David W. Pate

International Hemp Assocation
P.O. Box 75007, 1070AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

   Pate, D.W. 1995. Guide to the scientific literature on potential medical uses of Cannabis and the cannabinoids. Journal of the International Hemp Association 2(2): 74-76.

    Marijuana and its component cannabinoids have been demonstrated to affect many medical conditions. However, original sources on this topic are often difficult to access, as they are diffusely distributed across a voluminous scientific literature. This bibliography gathers most of the primary (and some of the secondary) citations available, categorized according to medical indication.


    Widespread reports of self-medication with Cannabis have aroused medical and scientific interest in the potential application of cannabinoids for the treatment of a variely of diseases. Some limited human trials or case studies have revealed the safety and efficacy of this class of compounds for the symptomatic treatment of a broad number of ailments. The results of tests on other animals or in vitro experiments imply new paths of clinical investigation. The references below represent a starting point for further inquiry. Included are papers regardless of their experimental outcome. Not included are citations related to the presently approved uses of THC (i.e cancer chemotherapy nausea amelioration, AIDS patient appetite stimulation).

Anxiety and Psychosis




Inflammation and Swelling

Microbial Infections

Movement Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis, Spasticity and other Neuromuscular Disorders

Niemann-Pick Disease

Opiate and Alcohol Addiction