The Des Moines Register, Saturday, January 24, 1998, Page 8A


Banning Guns wouldn't help

        Before the anti-gunners again start calling for repeal of the Second Amendment and a gun ban in the wake of an armed robbery by an 11- and 12-year-old, look at existing laws that were broken.
        Remember that Iowa already has a law on the books to prosecute those who allow juveniles unsupervised access to firearms and ammunition.  Find out where they got the gun and apply the maximum penalty to the individual(s).  The children's mother also deserves a lot of credit for making a very tough but correct choice calling the police.
        If they can be rehabilitated, the kids have a chance to do something with their lives other than create more victims and take the short path to prison or the grave.  That's an opportunity a lot of young crirninals don't receive.

-- Scott W. McIntire,
1602 E. 148th St. S., Grinnell.

The Des Moines Register
Saturday, January 24, 1998, Page 8A