The Des Moines Register
Monday, October 20, 1997, Page 8A

Another party: Libertarian

        David Yepsen's comments concerning the factions within the Iowa Reform Party were correct (Oct. 6).  Ross Perot's efforts were just a phantom all along.  You can't build a party from the top down.
        But Yepsen forgot to mention the fastest-growing party in the United States as a real alternative to the Remocrats and Depublicans.  It's called the Libertarian Party.  The Libertarians field candidates in all 50 states for everything from president and governors, all the way down to county supervisor and city-council members.
        Libertarians currently hold elected office in several statehouses across the country, and you can hardly pick up a newspaper today without seeing the word libertarian.
        Anyone who favors smaller government, lower taxes and a strong stance on personal responsibility needs to check them out.

-- John Helwig,
1020 E. County Rd. 2000,
Nauvoo, Ill.