Libertarian Party of Iowa

Minutes of the
Executive Committee Meeting
Saturday, December 6, 1997
Bonanza Steak House
NE 14th St., Des Moines, IA

       Attending the meeting were: Carl Olsen, Randy Herod, David Davis, Dick Kruse, Roger Fritz, Wendy Applequist, Christy Welty, and Mark Nelson.  There was a quorum, as eight of the eleven members of the Executive Committee were present.

      The minutes from the last Executive Committee meeting were not recorded, as there was no quorum present.  Ben Masel from the Wisconsin Libertarian Party attending the meeting, as did Carolyn Reinhold the guest speaker at our annual state convention.

      Tim Hird, our treasurer, was not present.   It was reported that we are currently receiving about $200 per month from the national office due to our reciprocal membership agreement.  This represents approximately one twelfth of one half of the annual combined membership each month.

    David Davis, our campaign manager, reported that we have five candidates willing to run for office.  He suggested a goal of running candidates in half the Iowa house districts, one quarter of the Iowa senate districts, and all 5 congressional districts in the year 2000, along with whoever is on the presidential ticket for the national party.  He also mentioned the possibility of finding candidates to run for county boards of supervisors, auditors, sheriffs, etc.

    Election information can be obtained from the League of Women Voters, County courthouses, the Office of Elections (515-281-5865), and the Legislative Information Office (515-281-5129).

    Randy Herod, our state chair, suggested that all those who had previously held offices, prior to the last election of officers, write summaries of their experiences for the next newsletter.

    There were no reports from standing committees, as we have no formed any.  It was agreed that we will form two committees: (1) a Platform Committee; and (2) a Constitution and Bylaws Committee.  A request for volunteers will be posted on the LPI web site and in the next newsletter.  The following people volunteered to be on the Platform Committee: Christy Welty, Carl Olsen, Mark Nelson, Wendy Applequist, and David Davis.  The following people volunteered to be on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Carl Olsen, Mark Nelson, and Roger Fritz.

    We have adopted the national platform as our state platform.   It was suggested that we develop our own platform.

    It was suggested that we try to recruit Dale Rowe as a member of one or more of the committees.

    It was moved by Mark Nelson and seconded by Carl Olsen that Randy Herod have the power to appoint additional members to the two committees.  The motion carried.

    The meeting was adjourned.

    The next executive committee meeting was scheduled for   Saturday, February 21, 1997, at the Bonanza Steak House, NE 14th St., Des Moines, IA.

      Carl E. Olsen, Secretary