February 4, 1997

Blackhawk County Attorney
c/o Tony Janney
Blackhawk County Courthouse
316 E Fifth Street
Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Dear Mr. Janney,

As you are aware, on or about November 4,1996, staff from the First Judicial District Probation/Parole Office, namely Patrick Weber and Lynda Kincaid referred Allen Helmers ICBC #0039400 to the Violator Program.  It is our understanding that Mr. Helmers is currently on probation for the offense of possession with intent to deliver marijuana and failure to obtain a drug tax stamp.  The main reasons for his referral to the Violator Program were his continued use of marijuana and rejection of treatment.  It is my understanding that Mr. Helmers had initially attempted treatment during the summer of 1996.  He rejected the treatment due to claims of medical problems.  It is clear to us that Allen Helmers does seem to demonstrate a chemical dependency problem and appears to be attempting to utilize medical conditions as a means to justify his marijuana usage.  Since we are familiar with fibromyalgia, we do not feel this medical problem will affect his successful completion of this program.  It is apparent from our assessment that we will need to work on Mr. Helmers' denial in regard to his continued justification for marijuana usage.

Mr. Helmers' case was referred to the Medical Department but it should be noted that we had very limtted information at the time of the referral.  The Health Services supervisor consulted with the Department of Corrections Clinical Director.  We were advised that Mr. Helmers' condition will be treated following the Department of Corrections medical protocol.  We request that Mr. Helmers bring any medical records pertinent to his diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Mr. Helmers should bring in medications he routinely takes.  Any medications ordered during his admission will be utilized from the supplies he brings with him.

Again we stress that upon Mr. Helmers' admission, he must bring his medical records as well as his medication so the Medical Department can appropriately evaluate his needs and manage his medication as needed.

We have had several individuals in past programming who have had prior medical problems, where sitting for long periods of time was difficult.  The instructors of the Violator Program are aware that they need to allow the individual to be able to stand up if necessary.

Linda Coop-Sexauer, Treatment Director

John Mathes, Warden

Lana Comstock, Medical Supervisor


cc:  First District Probation Officer