Lessen the paranoia

        WATERLOO -- I would like to congratulate the Waterloo Courier on the enlightening article regarding the arrest of Allen Helmers on the use of marijuana for medical reasons.  I, too, am a fibromyalgia sufferer and have other painful medical conditions in addition, for which there are no cure.  There are a lot of us out here.  The fibromyalgia in itself is devastating, and there are no clear answers for us.  The pain is always there to some degree.  Sometimes it is more manageable than other times.
        I think legislation should be enacted to enable physicians to prescribe whatever it takes to help people rid themselves of constant pain, even if only for a little while, a respite you might say.  Fibromyalgia is not a terminal disease, but it feels like it.  I've often wondered if perhaps people like me are making the Dr. Kevorkians of the world more popular.  A person can handle only so much pain.
        Mr. Helmers, I'm sure, has all he can do dealing with the pain, and I think it's ridiculous that our laws have allowed him to be arrested for something that's helping him "live."  I empathize with him, and I support him.  Let's not be so paranoid about drugs that we will not allow our physicians to prescribe something to alleviate the pain and suffering.
        Wake up, legislators.

822 Hammond Ave.

The Waterloo / Cedar Falls Courier, Tuesday, September 24, 1996