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May 5, 1997

John Towley, M.D.
2750 St. Francis Drive, Suite B
Waterloo, Iowa

Re: Allen Douglas Helmers

Dear Doctor Towley:

My name is Tony Janney.  I am an Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney and I am handling the probation violation case against Mr. Helmers.  Please find the enclosed release of information as well as a letter I receive from Linda Coop-Sexaur who is the Treatment Director for the Depatrtment of Correctional Service's Violator's Program.

As you may know, Mr. Helmers is on probation for possession of a controlled substance-marijuana, with intent to deliver.  He has admitted almost daily use of marijuana to his probation officer.  This, of course, is a violation of probation which could result in imprisonment.  Our office and the probation officer want Mr. Helmers to attend the Violator's Program in Newton, Iowa to address what we see as his addiction to marijuana.  This is a sixty (60) day program which also entails processing through the Corrections Department's Oakdale Facility.

The Judge has asked us to contact Mr. Helmers medical providers to see if they feel that Mr. Helmers can tolerate the restrictions placed on him by the Violator's Program.  Several of the staff at Newton, including Linda Coop~Sexaur suffer from fibromyalgia.  As you,can see from the attached letter, they have reviewed the information available about Mr. Helmers with the medical staff and believe that they could handle Mr. Helmers' medical conditions.

I would like to talk to you about Mr. Helmers and also put you in touch with the medical staff at the Violator's Program to review the situation with Mr. Helmers and his medical needs.

We in law enforcement do not want to impose any real physical hardship on Mr. Helmers, however at the same time, we have to uphold the law and previous court orders.  We cannot sanction the continued his use of marijuana, but would prefer to address what we see as an addiction that can be treated through the Violator's Program.

I would like to visit with you about the situation at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony H. Janney
Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney