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W. H. Verduyn, M.D.
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Farid Manshadi, M.D.
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July 2, 1996

RE:  Mr. Allen D. Helmers


Mr. Helmers is a patient in our office.  He has a significant past history because of multiple motorcycle and car accidents dating back to 1980.  In August 1994 he was hit by a drunk driver when he was on his motorcycle and had a fracture of his left lower leg.  He has significant complaints of pain which do not seem to respond to the usual medical management.  He has been seen in the Chronic Pain Program.  Mr. Helmers reports to me that he gets relief when he smokes marijuana.

It has been known in the medical field, particularly in the area of rehabilitation, that chronic neurogenic pain responds well to the medicinal use of marijuana.  The amount of marijuana is low and the effect is significant causing much less side effects than the standard pain medications.

We have utilized a number of routine and not so routine medications to manage his pain, none of which has been successful.

Although marijuana is not legally approved for use in pain treatment, I know that many chronic pain patients utilize it without problems just to manage their pain with a significant reduction of the other pain medications.


W. H. Verduyn, M.D.