Iowans for Medical Marijuana
Post Office Box 4091 * Des Moines, Iowa 50333 * 515-288-5798

September 5, 1996

Dale R. Woolery
Partnership for a Drug-Free Iowa
2nd Floor Lucas State Office Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Dear Dale,

I am in receipt of your letter dated September 4.  I must say that I'm in a state of shock at the low-level, sleazy and hateful response you've made to my letter of August 17.  It almost sounds like you were reading someone else's letter, since it's almost impossible to recognize your letter as a reply to anything I wrote.  I did not ask you to support the legalization of marijuana.  You have certainly earned my complete contempt.  With people like you in charge of drug policy, it's no wonder that drug abuse is skyrocketing.  I don't know how people like you can sleep at night.

You have a double tongue.  You encourage sick people to seek legal medical treatment, but you won't help Allen Helmers who is seeking legal medical treatment.  Allen's doctor is ready to testify that he has a medical necessity to use marijuana, and medical necessity is a recognized, valid legal defense to criminal charges for possession of marijuana in Iowa.  In other words, it is legal for Allen to use marijuana. I've attached a copy of the letter I wrote to the Black Hawk County District Court, along with the decision of the Pottawattamie District Court.  You are obviously the one who has no respect for the law.


Carl E. Olsen