1994 Iowa Legislative Survey

Last December, we sent a medical marijuana survey to all 150 members of the newly elected Iowa Legislature, asking for support for a resolution calling upon the federal government to make marijuana medically available by a doctor's prescription, and asking that the medical necessity defense be enacted into Iowa law. Two Iowa Senators, Merlin Bartz (Republican, Grafton) and Elaine Szymoniak (Democrat, Des Moines), have agreed to draft legislation for us and have assigned interns to work on our suggestions. We're extremely optimistic that at the least we will get a public hearing on our proposals in the Iowa Senate this year. It would be extremely helpful if you'd sit down right now and write a letter to one or more of our supporters in the Iowa Senate expressing your support. You can write to them at the Iowa Statehouse, Des Moines, Iowa 50319, or at their home addresses (listed below).

Here are the responses we've received so far from our legislative survey:

                                     1994 Iowa Senate
FIRST NAME  LAST NAME   ADDRESS                 CITY           ZIP   P  YES   NOT   NO
NAME        NAME                                                              SURE
4  John     Kibbie      RR 1, Box 139A          Emmetsburg     50536 D  XXX
5  Mary Lou Freeman     311 W. Lakeshore Drive  Storm Lake     50588 R  XXX
8  Berl     Priebe      2106 100th Avenue       Algona         50511 D  XXX
9  Stewart  Iverson     3020 Dows-Williams Road Dows           50071 R        XXX
10 Merlin   Bartz       RR 1, Box 17            Grafton        50440 R  XXX
11 John     Jensen      331 120th Street        Plainfield     50666 R        XXX
13 Jim      Lind        720 Prospect Boulevard  Waterloo       50701 R  XXX
25 Robert   Dvorsky     515 6th Avenue          Coralville     52241 D        XXX
33 William  Palmer      460 Hawthorn Circle     Des Moines     50317 D  XXX
36 Elaine   Szymoniak   2116 44th St.           Des Moines     50310 D  XXX

                            1994 Iowa House of Representatives
FIRST         LAST       ADDRESS                 CITY           ZIP   P YES   NOT   NO
NAME          NAME                                                            SURE
4  Ralph      Klemme     RR 4, Box 107           Le Mars        51031 R             XXX
6  Richard    Vande Hoef 1833 100th Avenue       Harris         51345 R       XXX
13 Michael    Cormack    245 Avenue N West       Fort Dodge     50501 R       YYY
24 Donald     Hanson     3511 Monticello Ave.    Waterloo       50701 R             XXX
26 Patricia   Harper     3336 Santa Maria Dr.    Waterloo       50702 D XXX
27 Joseph     Kremer     1217 250th Street       Jesup          50648 R       XXX
37 Clyde      Bradley    835 Blackhawk Lane      Camanche       52730 R       YYY
56 Jerry      Welter     RR 1, Box 224           Monticello     52310 R XXX
59 Phil       Tyrrell    222 N. Mill             North English  52316 R       XXX
69 John       Connors    1316 East 22nd Street   Des Moines     50317 D       YYY
70 Ed         Fallon     1321 8th Street         Des Moines     50314 D XXX
76 Steven     Churchill  6140 Nottingham         Johnston       50131 R             XXX
77 David      Lord       1250 K Circle           Perry          50220 R             XXX
84 Brent      Siegrist   714 Grace Street        Council Bluffs 51503 R       XXX
88 Horace     Daggett    400 N. Bureau           Creston        50801 R             XXX
89 Brian      Coon       540 Ninth               Carlisle       50047 R             XXX
95 Harold     Van Maanen 410 Liberty Street      Pella          50219 R             XXX
98 Philip     Wise       503 Grand Avenue        Keokuk         52632 D             XXX
"YYY" in the "not sure" column signifies that the respondent is leaning toward a "yes" vote.

Iowans for Medical Marijuana P.O. Box 4091 Des Moines, IA 50333 515-288-5798