To:        Carl E. Olsen
           Iowans for Medical Marijuana
           Post Office Box 4091
           Des Moines, Iowa 50333

From:      R. Dean Wright, Department of Sociology

Subject:   Your invitation

Date:      July 17, 1995

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your letter of July 1, 1995, inviting me to become an active
member of Iowans for Medical Marijuana. I fully support your effort, but I
have over-committed myself and am in danger of not doing several things
that I have promised as well as I want. At the current time I cannot be an
active member of your Board, but would like to assist you in more focused
(time - centered) rather than general ways. Please do not consider this a
rejection of your efforts, but only a postponement of my efforts.

Thank you for thinking of me. I hope to be able to work with you on
specific projects.


R. Dean Wright, Ph.D.

                           Department of Sociology
                              2507 University
                         Des Moines, Iowa 50311-4505

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