of the United States of America

To the Editor,
        If people really want to change things for the better and make the United States a more peaceful, non-violent place to live then here's what has to be done.
        First of all we need a federal law that would prevent this nation from entering into any war without a vote of the people.
        This nation also needs to ask all other nations to enter into a world wide truce during which time no nation will make war or manufacture the weapons of war and to put the money saved into medical care and research, actual living wage employment, education, housing, art, ecology, natural disaster relief, and finally putting an end to world hunger.
        Another Federal law must be implemented to have all privately owned guns in the United States destroyed and a course in interpersonal human relations designed to teach children how to get along with each other must be started in every grade of every public school in this country.
        Federal legislation must also be created that would put a full curriculum of free college classes on television so that every human being regardless of income can have the hope and education they need to fulfill their dreams of a better life.
        Federal national health care legislation must be implemented that would expand our current Veterans Hospital System in order to treat every citizen for every medical problem and together with this plan medical marijuana must be legalized in order to help millions of suffering people, provide something actually profitable for farmers to grow, reduce use of strong addictive drugs, prevent money from being drained out of this country, unclog our court system, relieve over crowded prisons, and free up more police officers to fully contend with violence.
        Federal legislation must also be implemented that would eliminate unfair and expensive to collect personal income, property and inheritance taxes and replace them with one single efficient, inexpensive to collect national, state, and local sales tax system that would efficiently pay for the improvements this nation needs at less cost to the taxpayer and eliminate all the expensive time consuming paperwork.
        These changes will make the United States into a peaceful paradise compared to what it is now.
        Thank You Very Much,

        Mark Kennis
        701 N. 4th Street
        Grimes, Iowa 50111
        P.O. Box 187