Patients Out of Time is pleased to announce that the American Nurses Association (ANA), has taken action towards recognizing the right of patients to use CANNABIS as medicine. Access to theraputic CANNABIS is already endorsed by numerous professional health care organizations.

The American Nurses Association, The United States member of the International Council of Nurse, has informed the Virginia Nurses Association that a position paper submitted by the Virginia Nurses Association titled "Theraputic Use of Cannabis" has been favorably reviewed by the ANA's Congress of Nursing Practice.

The theraputic CANNABIS resolution which was followed by a position paper were initiated by Mary Lynn Mathre RN, MSN, Carn the senoir nurse consultant for addictions treatment services at the University of Virginia's Medical Center in Charlottesville. "The position paper on theraputic CANABIS" was submitted to the ANA from a patient advocacy position, which is a primary function of the nursing profession. Once made aware of the theraputic potential of CANNABIS and it's relative safety, Nurses readily support the right of Patients to access this medicine"

The twofold motion adopted by the Congress of Nursing Practice calls for the education of all RN's regarding current evidence based on theraputic uses of CANNABIS; and the investigation of the theraputic efficacy of CANNABIS in controlled trials. Mathre added that this is a defacto statement by the ANA that marijuana has medical value; a way of showing support for similar resolutions passed by other US health care organizations; and should be recognized by the US government as a polite way of calling the denial of marijuana as medicine for the sick and dieing as illogical. With one out of every 40 registered voters a nurse we should expect the politicians might pay close attention to what the Nurses of America are demanding.

The State nursing association of Virginia, Mississipi, Colorado, New York, and California as well as the American Public Health Association, the National Nurses Society on Addictions and some two dozen other groups have all voiced their demand for the administration of theraputic cannabis to be allowed by primary care providers rather than denied to the sick by prosecuters and their laws. Patients Out of Time, a nonprofit organization comprised of five of the eight legal marijuana patients and experts in the theraputic Cannabis field, either crafted or was a consultant to these organizations.

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