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November 13, 1997

Dear Carl,

        I just talked to my lawyer this morning, and you know the prosecution has just been pushing and pushing for my trial to happen.  We've been denied any more continuances.  Well, now they've asked for a continuance.
        At the pre-trial conference, they offered me a $250 fine (plus court costs and surcharges), 5 days in the county jail (at $65 per day), a substance abuse evaluation, and a year of supervised probation.
        My lawyer's response was that I couldn't do a year of supervised probation because I couldn't pass the urine analysis ... because I need marijuana!  So they turned around and offered all of the above with a year of self probation instead.  Can you believe it?
        I told them, "No way. Let's go to trial."
        Evidently, afterward, in chambers, the judge asked my lawyer, "What is this medical necessity crap?  Will he die if he doesn't get it or what?"
        So my lawyer explained about how it is a valid defense in Iowa, etc. So, finally the judge agreed, and a trial date was set.
        So now, they've denied our request for a continuance, realized that there really is going to be a trial, and asked for a continuance themselves (which was granted).
        Apparently, (rumor has it) they're having trouble finding a witness.

        Eric Twesme

P.S.  I'll write you with the new trial date when I find out.