August 23, 1996

Lewis J. Atley
Iowa Men's Reformatory
P.O. Box B
Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Dear Carl:

Well, I went ahead and wrote my Religious Freedom/Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993/1st, 5th, 8th, 9th and 14th Amendments brief.  (Whew!!)  Anyway, I doubt if I'd go through it again if I had all the stuff from your marijuana attack ... and, I'm sure it was more than you would want to send anyway.  So, unless it was real easy for you, you can forget that request.

But I have another one.  Since I am planning for the new trial, which I hope will not be necessary, but "just in case" I want to be ready ... and have a couple of requests.

One, the FIJA people wrote me and said you were the one to contact in Iowa.  They mention in the newletter on information they have in their "Activists' Supply Shop" that tells how to inform the jury at the trial.  Do you have that literature?  I couldn't tell from the list which it was, and couldn't afford it if I could have.  If you have this could you send me a copy?  (THE INFO FOR ATTORNEYS ON HOW TO SLIP IT IN IN OPENING/CLOSING ARGUMENT)

Two, If my case does go to trial next year (Feb, March or April) would you be able, perhaps, to get a couple of persons to hand out the "True or False" FIJA leaflets?  I think that would help a lot as I will be making a good case to the jury on mushrooms safety, religious use, and the silliness of the law that prosecutes someone for something not even listed as illegal and sends them to prison for 20 years.  (THE TRIAL WOULD PROBABLY BE IN SCOTT COUNTY - FOR LEAFLETING)

Three, Do you know any doctors, professors, biologists or psychiatric doctors that would write an Affidavit, and possibly testify at trial, on the safety and ????? of psilocybin and of mushrooms?  If so, could you send me their addresses so I could contact them and get affidavits for my motion and inquire if they would also be willing to testify if a new trial becomes necessary?

Thank you for your support so far.  I hope you can help me out on the above three requests.

Best regards,

P.S.  I will be representing myself at any new trial.  No sell-out court-appointed lawyers again!  I am a paralegal and am studying on how to prepare & present my case at trial.