September 9, 1997

Lewis J. Atley
Anamosa State Penitentiary
406 North High Street
Anamosa, Iowa 52205-0010

Dear Carl.

As promised, here is the Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Appendices.  I hope that you enjoy them.

Anyone you think should read this, please, not only feel free to, but it is my wish that you do so.  This includes the net, if you think it advisable.

At present I am still trying to get as many people interested in helping, for several reasons.  I'd like to get some Amicus briefs on the Petition stage I'm at now ... and they would have to be done in the next month or so (45 days + or -).  So far, I've had no luck.  Maybe you'll know some lawyers somewhere that will see the importance of this to the entheogenic community?

The other thing that's in need right now is funds.  This totally wiped out my funds for typewriter ribbons, xeroxing, and so forth.  And I have a Reply Brief to the State's Brief in Opposition to the Petition to deal with.  He has 30 days after this is docketed to file his, and then, I'm allowed a 10 page reply ... but there's no time limit, as the rules are that they won't hold up consideration of the Petition.  I either get it in within days of receiving the AG's Brief, or risk it not being part of what they consider.

This case can really open a lot of doors.  It is a lot bigger than I think anyone else but those close to me know.  It can really have immense benefits for eveyone, and perhaps even be a big factor in changing the whole world.

Again, I want to thank you for all you've done.  Like I said, I wouldn't even be typing this letter if someone hadn't seen one of your postings of my letters and contacted me last year.  He bought the typewriter for me.  And it's been busy ... over $300 in ribbons since January on legal work!  (I hate Smith Corona's ... they eat ribbons, but its all they sell us here ... one model, the most basic, and no memory at all.).

Let me know what you think.  If you don't know the Chapman case, (LSD carrier weight S.Ct. case) you might want to read it sometime.  By the analysis they used in it, we can't lose ... and entheogens will be safe for some time to come, perhaps long enough to bring us back into the light.

Gratefully yours,


P.S. Remember, there's only about 45 days for any Amicus briefs - and put anyone for that, or other interests, in touch with me.  You have my permission to give out my address & do what you want with the Petition!