Jack D. Johnson, POW
USDOJ POW #04660-030
Post Office Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65801

July 24, 1996

Mr. Mark Greer                      cc: Carl Olsen IA NORML
Box 651
Porterville, CA 93258

Dear Mark:

A few weeks ago you requested permission to provide a letter I'd written to Iowa Senator Grassley to various newspapers & other federal legislators.  I'd provided it to Carl Olsen (IA NORML) who forwarded it & placed it on the Internet, dispersing it at my request.

You are encouraged to make that letter available to anyone who needs to be educated about Cannabis in an honest manner as opposed to the pervasive govt misinformation.

* * * * * * * *

I've noted a recent federal push to control "pseudoephedrine" anti-histamines & cold pills in an effort to further enforce prohibition of "meth"amphetamine clandestine production. It should be pointed out to these "pop-law" lawmakers that use of these remedies are a simple expedient to the outlaw lab production techniques, and that "meth" will still be made using bituminous (soft) coal, bleach, battery (sulfuric) acid, and salt, the latter two combining to make hydrochloric gas.  In the early 1900s this was a widely known process to make "chicken crank" so the hen would lay more eggs, grow faster, etc., along with helping the farmers of the era do more work!  "Chicken crank" was used in a variety of snake-oil concoctions "energizers" and was an ingredient in some soft drinks, namely 7-Up & Coca Cola.  It can also be produced from coal oil. If Congress moves to control cold remedies, underground labs in this country will use commonly available materials to continue operation.  It seems the politicians are unaware that the 'Invisible Hand' of market demand is what fuels the market and no hysterical "pop-law" will slow it down, much less stop production.

It should be understood I do not advocate "meth."  Nor do I advocate any war on Americans by Americans.  It is my belief that the (Lifestyle Police's) "DRUG WAR" is no more than VERY SICK POLITICS.  It's only product is misery imposed on the underprivileged and contempt for govt & authority as opposed to respect.  No govt has ever gained it's citizens' respect by means of prohibition and oppression.

You have my permission to use this letter's contents in any way you deem appropriate.  Correspondents & supporters are desired.

Sincerely, Jack D. Johnson, POW