On Saturday, May 18th, 1996 there was a Hempfest held on Credit Island in Davenport, Iowa. The police decided they were going to shut down Hempfest and showed up in full force. They stepped up to the front of the crowd and attempted to grab a woman's purse. When members of the crowd told the woman that she doesn't have to consent to a search, the police officers responded by slamming festival participants to the ground and spraying the crowd with capstun indiscriminately. The police are saying they have shut down Hempfest for good. They think that we will stop fighting for our rights! Well that's not going to happen. Now is when we pull together and make an axample of Davenport, Iowa. We are going to come back stronger than ever!
     The only way that the police and Davenport are going to stop us from having this type of gathering is to stop arresting people for Cannabis; free our friends and family doing years in prison for Cannabis; and allow us to grow a personal amount to consume in our own homes and on other private property with the consent of the owner. Stop sending armed masked men in black to break down our doors, invade our homes, throw us to the floor, and drag us away in the middle of the night to live for years in chains. Then, and only then, will we stop demanding an end to this atrocity!
     We are tired of being used as an excuse for politicians to tamper with the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution. We love America and we want her to live up to her promise. It's a free country: Like it; Leave it; or change it. We intend to change it back to the free land our founding fathers intended. If you can't stand freedom, maybe you should leave!
     It is often said, "They will change the law someday." Ask yourself, "Who are they?" It's obvious that the powers that be don't have concern for us. "They" is us, "We the People". It is up to us to force a change as peaceably as possible. NOW!
     It was a surprise to almost everyone when alcohol prohibition ended in 1933, and everyone was surprised when the Berlin Wall fell overnight. Now we are up against the wall and it's time we start pushing. We have the strength of numbers and the conviction of prior convictions.
     We are sorry if the police and courts set robbers, rapists, and murderers loose in order to prosecute us, but they have been doing just that for years! The purpose of this action is to end this miscarriage of justice.
     There are currently people doing life in prison without parole on cannabis charges. We are their only hope for freedom and they are counting on us. Will you let them down, or will you wish you had done something when your turn comes? If you don't do anything about this then you are also responsible because you allow it to happen. Join with us and victory is ours! Live in fear and you might be next!