Spend a little money copying flyers for demonstrations and events. Distribute them to friends, at the bar, at public events, concerts, 4th of July celebrations, and to the passer by on the street.

Do not support businesses or buy products from companies that support the WAR ON DRUGS. Call then and tell them why you will no longer buy their products even though you like them.

Go to the County Clerk's office tomorrow end register to vote. Vote pro hemp and against the DRUG WAR. Write your elected officials and tell them what issues and positions will effect your vote in the next election.

Tune your radio to AM 1420 between 2:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Tell talk radio host Jim Fisher how you feel about the WAR ON DRUGS. If you are told that they don't want to talk about the WAR ON DRUGS today, it is easy to turn any other subject into a DRUG WAR subject. To get on the air call (319) 344-7040.

Pay for a billboard or a newspaper ad with a picture of friends and family imprisoned by the WAR OH DRUGS. Include their name, age. charge. term, address, and a short biography describing how imprisonment has harmed them and their dependents. People need to know that there are real people doing real time. We need to put a face to a number.

Attend demonstrations against the WAR ON DRUGS. Attendance at demonstrations does not mean you are a drug user. What it does is show the media that there are thousands of people that believe that there has to be a better alternative than a DRUG WAR that focuses on arrest and imprisonment.

If you are in a band, write a song or two about this situation. Pass out flyers at shows and use your pulpit to announce upcoming events. Call (309) 794-9107 for information about a local compilation we would like to record to benefit this cause. We will remember your efforts when we purchase recordings.

If a police officer wants to search your vehicle or person, just say "NO!" When they say "If you have nothing to hide, why can't I search?", tell them "It is my 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search". Stick to it. You don't know if someone dropped a seed in your back seat. Tell them to "go ahead and get the dogs" if threatened with them. Let them waste their time. You don't get any extra credit for helping them send you up.

Think about whether you really want to smoke with someone who doesn't care if you could go to jail for doing it. Expect people to back up their beliefs with actions.