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Subject: Istook Statement on Clinton Veto of DC Appropriations Bill

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Subject: Istook Statement on Clinton Veto of DC Appropriations Bill

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September 28, 1999

War Against Drugs Goes Up in Smoke
Istook Statement on Clinton Veto of DC Appropriations Bill

        Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Ernest Istook (R-OK), who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee for the District of Columbia, released the following statement in response to President Clinton's veto of the Appropriations Bill for the D. C.:

        "President Clinton has just surrendered in America's war against drugs.  I'm deeply disturbed by this veto, and every parent, teacher and police officer should be, too.

        "His veto throws away all the good things this bill does: help D.C. kids go to college, get foster kids into permanent homes, clean up the foul Anacostia River, crack down on drug offenders, and reduce the size of D.C.'s bloated government.

        "And for what?

        "I'm appalled that the President of the United States would throw away all these good things just to support legalizing marijuana.

        "This is about legalizing drugs in the nation's capital, and using that as a stepping-stone for the rest of the country.  Nobody should be fooled by the pretense that this is a medical issue.  That's a smoke screen.

        Anyone who reads D.C.'s proposed new law knows:

--It wouldn't even require an actual doctor's prescription.
--People who claim they have approval to use marijuana are allowed to authorize their friends to grow and keep it for them.
--It even requires government to provide the marijuana in some cases, at taxpayers' expense.

        "It's wide-open for abuse.  It conflicts with our national law making marijuana illegal.

        "Everyone who cares about combating drugs should be sickened by the Clinton veto.  You can't have a war on drugs if the President turns the nation's capital into a sanctuary.  This ends any hope of drug-free zones around D.C.'s schools.

        "Every police officer, every teacher, and every parent who has ever fought against drugs should be crying today.  The President is sending the worst possible message to our children.

        "Not only that, he's exposing our nation's capitol to renewed ridicule over drug abuse and hijacking D.C's progress on the road to recovery from the Marion Barry days.  I'm shocked that he would sacrifice everything just to promote a pro-drug agenda.  Neither the Congress nor the country will accept what the President has done."


Micah Swafford
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