March 24, '96

Dear Carl -

First, thank you very much for Dr. Grinspoon's book & other material.

I apologize for my tardiness. That's due to preparation of supplementary brief in my appeal & health matters.

The enclosed condenses the story & I am now poised to sue the feds in a unique approach of emergency petition for arbitrary, capricious & deliberately indifferent denial of medicine (i.e., marijuana) resulting in cruel & unusual punishment (the avoidable infliction of blindness founded in the fraudulent & deceitful practice of government bureaucracy).

Am kind of in a quandry where to bring it as it ties into an ineffective counsel claim (V. Kromminga) for failure to bring my medical necessity defense, but I'm not able to file yet because Whalen has me on en banc in the 8th Circuit, yet I'm going blind; so far only my left eye is affected (as far as I know, but they said I'd probably lose both).

Do you know of any/if legal talent is available through Illinois NORML?

Also experiencing health difficulties with muscular sclerosis & sciaticata. My fear: these fuckers are killing me. No real health problems 'til I got here. Is this the method they're using to carry out the U.S. Dept. of Justice policy of incapacitation & debilitation? of repeat pot offenders? Suspicious to say the least.

Have you read the Feb. 12th issue of National Review's 14 page article "The Drug War is Lost"? If not, I highly recommend it.

Never did get the address of Associated Press or United Press from anyone.

Being out of funds & unable to work puts postage in short supply, so communication is limited.

Regarding the enclosure, you might address Dr. Dawdy to the effect of your interest and offer any help. The DEA can't object due to diversion or security. What is the next step if he refuses? Want to show I tried, obviously, the medicines they're giving me are wholly ineffective. I know pot works from 20 plus years of experience.

Hang tough
& Best regards,

Jack D. Johnson
P.O. Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65808

P.S. Just advised I'll be tranferred to a Med. Ctr. for treatment soon. Will send new address, etc.