MCFP Springfield, MO
April 11, 1996

Dear Carl:

Am now at MCFP Springfield, formally diagnosed with glaucoma. Was treated with laser surgery March 29th & am subject to further surgery of freezing the gland that produces fluid to the eye. I have declined the 2nd surgery & requested treatment by marijuana. I expect the usual obdurate government/bureaucratic behavior & some form of reprisal for refusing the freezing surgery.

Perhaps this will generate a cognizable lawsuit for medicinal marijuana, its scheduling & the deliberate indifference of the government bureaucrats towards medical therapeutic use of marijuana & the fact it has to be far more cost effective than permanently damaging surgery & continuing use of expensive eye drops (I am currently taking & only partially effective) & are toxic to boot!

Tom Brown (Arkansas, religious use) is encouraging this approach.

What the marijuana movement really needs is a viable class action & the legal horsepower to see it through. Ah, & honest government!!

Meanwhile we'll see what develops in all the marijuana cases.

From a national perspective, the war against marijuana seems to be losing steam as more & more states are eyeing its potential revenue/tax enhansing base & its many uses in industrial/commercial scale. The 14 page article in the National Review (Feb. 12, '96 issue) is telling of a changing mood in drugs in general.

Appeal-wise, my case looks pretty "iffy" at best. March 1st got a split decision & am now "en banc" & in limbo with 6 years to go … awaiting yet another appellate decision.

If you have any advice on how to better state my request, or how to be more effective in presenting the request, or have any pharmacopea or professional opinion to bolster our position for treatment with marijuana, please send it along.

Thanks for your support & I wish you continued info & energy in our common goal.

Best regards,

Jack D. Johnson
P.O. Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65808