DRCNet Response to the
Drug Enforcement Administration

Employment Opportunities

DRCNet Response:  We don't recommend that anyone seriously consider employment with the DEA. 

It is clear from the historical record that our drug policy has always been based on the worst kind of ignorance and nonsense, and today's DEA is not substantially different from the lunatic antics of Harry Anslinger and his associates in the 1930s.  See Historical References for a good overview of the history of this drug policy.

The DEA itself was the creation of the Nixon White House -- another part of the Watergate plans designed to give the President a national police force which existed and acted outside the bounds of normal law.  It was not well thought out at its creation, and -- beyond Nixon's private political goals -- had no clear goals, or power to achieve them.  That fact was noted by the participants in the creation at the time.  See Agency of Fear, the story of the creation of the DEA

In the spirit in which Nixon created the DEA, the DEA has carried on with Nixon's desire to override the rules of American law, to dispense with the normal constitutional protections afforded to American citizens.  They have succeeded in persuading the public and courts that drugs are such a serious emergency that we now have a "drug exception" to the Constitution.  Among other things, that "drug exception" allows the DEA to seize any property they want, regardless of its involvement with any supposed crime, and puts the burden on the owner to prove that the property is "innocent".  See Forfeiture Endangers American Rights.

We do not recommend that anyone seek employment with the DEA.  It will not be a rewarding career, by any means.  The DEA is a government agency on its way to the dustbin of history.

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