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Drug Enforcement Administration

Controlled Substances
Uses and Effects

Drug:: Morphine
Classification:: Narcotic
CSA Schedule: Schedule II
Trade or Other Names: Duramorph; MS-Contin; Roxanol; Oramorph SR
Medical Uses: Analgesic
Physical Dependence: High
Psychological Dependence: High
Tolerance: Yes
Duration (hours): 3-6
Usual Method: Oral; Smoked; Injected
Possible Effects: Euphoria; Drowsiness; Respiratory depression; Constricted pupils; Nausea
Effects of Overdose: Slow and shallow breathing; Clammy skin; Convulsions; Coma; Possible death
Withdrawal Syndrome: Watery eyes; Runny nose; Yawning; Loss of appetite; Irritability; Tremors; Panic; Cramps; Nausea; Chills & sweating

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