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Cali Arrests


To date, the seven top Cali mafia bosses have been arrested by or have surrendered to Colombian authorities. DEA aided in the investigations that led to the arrests by sharing evidence it had developed through confidential sources and drug intelligence collection. Four of these seven are listed as follows:

Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela was the first of the Cali drug lords to be arrested. Colombian police staged several simultaneous raids on June 9, 1995. They were about to give up when Gilberto was found hiden in a secret closet of a luxury house.

Miguel Rodriguez-Orejuela was captured on August 6, 1995 when the Colombian National Police broke down the door of his apartment and found him hiding in a secret closet in the bathroom.

Jose Santacruz-Londono was arrested on July 4, 1995. He escaped from prison on January 11, 1996, and was subsequently killed in a onfrontation with the Colombian National Police on March 5, 1996.

Helmer "Pacho" Herrera-Buitrago surrendered to Colombian authorities on September 1, 1996. Herrera is one of the charter members of the Cali mafia and was the final remaining "Kingpin" being sought by Colombian authorities.

Victor Patino Fomeque a Cali trafficker and former Colombian National Police officer, surrendered to Colombian authorities in Bogota in June 1995. In February 1996, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Henry Loaiza Ceballas surrendered to Colombian authorities on June 19, 1995. He is considered one of the most violent members of the Cali drug mafia and has been linked to at least three massacres in Colombia. It is also believed that he was involved in the June 1995 bombing of the Parque de San Antonio in Medellin that killed 22 people.

Phanor Arizabaleta Arzayus surrendered to Colombian authorities on July 8, 1995. Although a prominent Cali trafficker, he is not considered a principal leader of the Cali drug mafia.

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