DRCNet Response to the
Drug Enforcement Administration
Methamphetamine Situation in the United States

Methamphetamine Situation in the United States

March 1996

DRCNet Response: For those who are interested in the background of the methamphetamine situation, and want to understand how we got to the current situation, we recommend the following from the Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs - Part V - Coca, Cocaine, Amphetamines, "Speed"

For additional references on this topic, go to the Druglibrary Search Engine and search for terms such as amphetamines, meth, cocaine, speed, etc.

* Administrator's Message
* Executive Summary
* Methamphetamine: A Growing Domestic Threat
* Chemical Diversion
* Production and Trafficking
* Appendix A: Methamphetamine Removals

This report was prepared by the Domestic Unit of the Strategic Intelligence Section. The information contained in this report was provided by the Operations Division, Office of Diversion Control, and the Special Testing and Research Laboratory, to include contributions from each domestic field division. Furthermore, information was contributed by numerous State and local agencies. For additional information, please contact the Intelligence Production Unit, Intelligence Division, DEA Headquarters at (202) 307-8726.

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