DEA Press Release

September 9, 1996

California and Arizona Ballot Iniatives on Drugs

Today, DEA Administrator Thomas Constantine said:

"At a time when we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of dangerous drugs on our young people, and at a time when some are advocating the legalization of drugs, there are initiatives on the California and Arizona ballots in November to provide powerful illegal drugs to individuals claiming to have medical conditions. Both ballot initiatives are masquerading as humanitarian efforts, when in fact they are thinly disguised excuses to legalize drugs. In California, the issue is marijuana; in Arizona, all Schedule I drugs --- drugs like heroin, cocaine and LSD --- can be prescribed by doctors. These are all drugs that have no valid medical use, according to the experts, who have reviewed this issue over and over again. This is dangerous, irresponsible and an abrogation of society's responsibility to serve and protect our citizens."

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