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1. A mood altering drug, like LSD, for instance

7. Prescription drug used to treat hyperactivity in young people

8. What the doctor write to tell the pharmacist what kind of legal drug you need

9. The memory that is most affected when you use marijuana

13. Where many drug dealers end up

14. Other name for marijuana

15. Effects of LSD can last up to 12 __________

17. Marijuana can lead to __________

19. What someone does when they take LSD

21. The form of cocaine that is smoked

22. __________ enforces the federal drug laws

25. Cigar that has had marijuana put in its center

26. __________ is the condition that comes before addiction

27. What people sometimes do with inhalants

30. The most widely consumed illegal drug

31. Downer

32. What we call the condition when a drug user goes beyond dependence into overwhelming, uncontrollable drug-seeking behavior

2. Another name for LSD

3. LSD's effects are __________

4. Chunky crystal form of methamphetamine

5. Marijuana is usually __________

6. Legal drugs that are often abused

10. Highly addictive drug that is usually injected

11. When more and more of a drug has to be taken to achieve a high, the body has developed a __________ for it

12. When you take LSD, you can cry one minute and laugh the next. What is changing?

16. Another name for crack

18. We use the term __________ drugs to describe ones like alcohol and marijuana that can lead to using even more harmful drugs

20. Another name for marijuana

23. Upper

24. Drug made from leaves of the coca plant

28. Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs come in this form

29. How some drug dealers end up

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