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You and some of your friends have been selected to organize a drug-free event at your school. The focus of the event is drug prevention. Use your answers to the questions below, and your own ideas for planning a successful event.

What type of event will it be (e.g., workshops, lecture demonstration, dance)?

What grade levels of students will be invited to attend?

How can you make it fun and interesting so everyone will want to come?

What type of entertainment will you have, if any (e.g., records, DJ, drug-prevention rap performed by local artists, related videos including public service announcements)?

How will you go about securing the entertainment? Hint: Speak to your music teacher about the music and to your librarian about finding related videos.

Where will the event take place?

Will there be chaperones? If so, who?

How will the decorations reflect drug prevention messages?

Will you or a friend speak about the importance of being drug-free since this is the event's focus? If so, what are the four main points you want to address:

Will you invite a community leader, DEA agent and/or a police officer as a guest speaker?

Will food be available? If so, what type of food?

Will there be free drug prevention materials for everyone who attends? Hint: There are plenty of free materials available. Find out where the prevention and treatment resources are in your community. Check the list of resources at the back of this book for additional possibilities.

Will you create a flyer? If so, make it creative.

Good luck on organizing and producing the drug-free event. It will be successful, because of your well thought out plan!

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