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This is what some of us said when we finished our assignment. We're sharing our thoughts with you so that you can be reminded one more time about how serious and important the drug thing is.


"The information in this book is for all of us, because we all are faced with decisions about whether or not to use drugs. It was good for us to write, as we're sure it was good for you to experience."

"We learned a lot about all kinds of drugs, drugs that I'm going to say no to. I'm not just going to say no because it's the right thing to say, but because these drugs can hurt you."

"On many music videos the people smoke a lot of weed and look like they're 'all that.' Don't believe the hype. Smoking blunts can have negative effects too!"

"I don't know if you can ever be ready when someone asks you to do drugs. The only thing you can do is know the facts so that you can say no and mean it."

"Doing drugs plays with your body and your emotions in a serious way."

"If you do drugs, your friends will avoid you. Your grades will fall, you'll upset your family, and it will be on your record. Most people don't really forget when you've done something bad. People won't trust you anymore."

"I think it's worth it to say something to a friend who is doing drugs, because sometimes it can make a difference."

Now that you know a lot about drugs, fill out the "What's the Deal on Drugs" questionnaire again. You'll probably be able to get a perfect paper. Make sure that everyone you know takes the time to GET IT STRAIGHT! THE FACTS ABOUT DRUGS.

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