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ADDICTION A condition that happens after a person becomes dependent on a drug and believes that he or she mentally and physically really wants the drug in his or her life. All the addicted drug user can think about is the next dose. Sometimes addicted users steal, rob, or hurt others to get drugs. They often forget about their friends, families, and communities because overwhelming drug-seeking behaviors take over their lives.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) The disease that attacks an individual's immune system, which makes it difficult for his or her body to fight off infections. It is devastating because there is no cure. The virus that attacks the body is known as HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus), and AIDS is the most serious stage of the HIV disease. It is always fatal. One way that people can get AIDS is from sharing dirty needles when they inject drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

DEPRESSANT An addicting and powerful drug that slows you down. Depressants can come from natural and manmade (synthetic) sources.

DRUG DEPENDENCE A condition that happens when a person feels that he/she needs drugs in order to function better. A person can be physically dependent, meaning that his/her body intensely desires the drug. A drug user can be mentally dependent too. This means that the user craves the drug in his/her mind. Drug users become dependent before becoming addicted to drugs.

DRUG RAID Entering a place and then serving a search warrant to someone who is suspected of selling drugs. People can be arrested, and drugs and money can be taken by DEA agents or police officers during drug raids.

DRUGS Natural or manmade substances that can effect your body structure, how your body functions, your behavior, and your feelings.

DRUG TRAFFICKING Smuggling, selling, and distributing illegal and legal drugs.

HIGH The feeling that drug users want to get when they take drugs. It may be a "spacy" feeling or one of power - there are many types of highs.

NARCOTIC A powerful and addicting drug that makes you sleepy, slows you down, and relieves pain.

PREVENTION While there is no one definition of prevention, there is general agreement that prevention is the sum of everyone's efforts to ensure healthy, safe, and productive lives for all Americans. Prevention means keeping legal and illegal drug use and abuse problems from occurring.

STIMULANT A powerful and addicting drug that speeds you up. The drug can come from natural and synthetic sources.

TREATMENT Medical and psychological help given to people who wish to stop abusing drugs. People who go through treatment usually need help in kicking the habit.

TOLERANCE A state in which the body adjusts to a drug; the body has a need for higher and higher doses of that drug in order to get the desired high.

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