This manual is based on the experience of the Prove-Trial (the so called Swiss ‘heroin-trial’) of the Federal Office of Public Health. It is a real guide to diversified prescription of opioids and contains all practical and theoretical knowledge needed to start with this method. The Swiss multicenter trial showed the great advantage of the prescription of heroin in bringing new segments of the opioid-addicted population into sustained treatment and by that, improvement. How to do it and why, you will find here. But even if you ‘only’ want to use Methadone you find the practical basics within the manual.


André Seidenberg is a general practitioner in Zurich, Switzerland. He initiated and headed the low level methadone-based clinic ZokL1 and ZokL2, the first clinic with diversified opioid-based treatment in the frame of Switzerland’s so called ‘heroin-trial’ (Prove).

Ueli Honegger is Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Bern. Beside his laboratory work he heads a group for neuropharmacological research.


Translation by Emilie Graham

On this site you find translated excerpts of the book ‘Methadon, Heroin und andere Opioide - Medizinisches Manual für die ambulante opioidgestützte Behandlung’, published in German language by Verlag Hans Huber, Bern, Göttingen, Toronto, Seattle. For more translation, scrupulous correction and adoption to anglosaxon situations and conditions of drugtherapy we need financial support.

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