As some of you may be aware, DONT, which publishes Methadone Today as part of it's overall efforts to advocate  for the rights of substance abuse treatment patients who have elected methadone maintenance or similar modalities  (LAAM), is subject to the recent attempts by the Drug Policy Foundation (DPF) to "restructure" its funding of certain types of groups.  To put it bluntly, if there is to be any further grants from the DPF for patient advocacy, we fully
anticipate those grants to be for far less money and anticipate that the groups will need to restructure as a result.

No one at DONT has ever been paid a dime for any advocacy work.  DONT and Methadone Today are completely non-profit, with every cent coming in by way of grants (which we do not anticipate receiving in the future), donations, and money for subscriptions to Methadone Today go toward the substantial costs involved in printing and distributing Methadone Today as well as other patient advocacy efforts.

We fully anticipate that the face of Methadone Today and DONT may need to change, perhaps drastically, if we are to continue in our mission.  We are already taking steps to increase paid subscriptions.  Those who do not pay
for subscriptions will simply not be able to receive Methadone Today any longer unless their clinic purchases a subscription.

In an attempt to increase paid subscriptions, we will also be waiting until the following month to post the current month's Methadone Today to the web site.  We had been making sure that the current month was online by the second to the fifth day of the month, or one week after the newsletter was out in print.  It has been pointed out to us that the practice was probably discouraging subscriptions, and unfortunately we can no longer afford to do that.

The DPF had hoped DONT and similar groups would be more self-supporting by now.  That hasn't happened, largely because while people are happy to read Methadone Today, they don't pay for it.  As noted, that is going to have to change.

DONT has recently been deluged with e-mail, faxes and letters requesting its assistance as an advocacy organization. We are not unsympathetic, but unfortunately, we are going to have to make changes in that area as well.

For the time being, DONT will only be able to provide advocacy services - whether that's writing a letter to or calling a clinic, or searching for information and providing it to those requesting it - to those people who have paid for subscriptions to Methadone Today and/or paid for a membership.

Accordingly, when you contact DONT (by mail, phone, or E-mail), you should provide the information on the mailing label of you issue of Methadone Today  at the time you request assistance.  While other requests will be considered based upon the nature of the situation and individual need, those who are not personally subscribers and/or members will, for the time being, either receive no response, or a form referral to another group which may or may not be in a position to help you.

Please realize it is not a question of DONT or Methadone Today  desiring to avoid involvement or make money.  It is not a question of DONT being unwilling to provide advocacy for patients with legitimate needs, or an unwillingness to
distribute Methadone Today for free to anyone who might desire it or benefit from it.  It is a case of DONT and Methadone Today  being unable to do these things anymore except for paid subscribers and members of DONT.

The Editor

Please make checks payable to DONT/Methadone Today and send to:  P.O. Box 164, Davison, MI  48423-0164.  - Thank you.


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