More on Juror Laura Kriho
Sentencing - March 7, 1997

Update: Case of Laura Kriho
March 7, 1997
Sentencing Hearing Report

Laura Kriho was fined $1200 at her sentencing today in Gilpin County. Fortunately, no jail time was imposed. The prosecutor asked her to be fined severely because he said Laura was "likely to re-offend." Laura did not make any mitigating statements on her own behalf, however former state Senator Lloyd Casey spoke eloquently for her.

Laura and her attorney, Paul Grant, plan to appeal the conviction. Over 150 people attended her sentencing and a demonstration beforehand. Court TV, local channels 4 and 9, and many print media covered her sentencing. Laura says, "I am thankful they didn't put me in jail. I still feel I would never have been prosecuted had I voted guilty on the jury. I want to prevent this from happening to anyone else again, so we will appeal my conviction."

About all her supporters, Laura says, "Thanks so much to everyone. All the support I have has made this ordeal tolerable. You are the best people in the world. Thanks for being!!!!"

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