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Detroit Organizational Needs in Treatment (DONT) is a methadone advocacy group organized by methadone patients to return dignity to methadone maintenance treatment and to protect the rights of patients. Methadone Today is the official newsletter of DONT. The idea of a methadone advocacy organization was conceptualized in March of 1995 when the DEA raided a Detroit methadone clinic. The groups agreed that there was a great need for patient unity to correct the damage that had been done and to thwart further involvement of the DEA in methadone treatment. DONT works to correct the misconceptions about methadone maintenance treatment and overcome the prejudice directed against methadone patients, strives to educate communities and policy makers about the benefits of methadone treatment, responds to the negative and sensationalized media, advocates for treatment on demand, and provides a platform whereby methadone patients can express their concerns about their quality of life.

DONT is the National Alliance of Methadone Advocates' (NAMA) official affiliate for the Detroit area. We share their mission, which is as follows:

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