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The Brotherhood of Eternal Love

  Stewart Tendler and Davaid May


Many people in Britain, Europe and the United States provided help or information in the writing of this book. They came from both sides of the law, often talking to us on the understanding they would not be identified. Their names must therefore remain confidential but we acknowledge the debt we owe them for the assistance they gave this book. They include members of the underground, the drug world and drugs investigators on both sides of the Atlantic.
    Among those who can be named we would like to thank Dick Lee; San Francisco attornies John Milano and Peter Ousterhoudt; staff of the Justice Department in San Francisco; Jasper Woodcock and the staff of the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence, and a number of psychiatrists who provided information on the early use of LSD. We would also like to note our debt to the many reporters who covered and wrote on the 1960s and the drug world including the staff of High Times in New York. We record with thanks the research help given by Mark Hosenball, Washington; Tony De Stefano in New York; Evan Maxwell and John Barnes in Los Angeles and Tana de Zulueta in Rome.
    The book would never have started without the enterprise of Caradoc King and the impetus of our then respective news editors at the Sunday Times and The Times, Magnus Linklater and Brian McArthur. It could not have been written without the advice of our editors in London and New York who were Peter Sommer and John Boothe, Harvey Ginsberg and Corona Machemer.
    At the end of a long project we also thank those who stood by us for their help and perseverence. Charlotte Veysey researched much valuable material. Cathy Tendler helped to research, interview and eventually typed the full manuscript.

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