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The Marijuana Smokers

  Erich Goode


A: the amphetamines; any amphetamine; methedrine

A-head: frequent or regular user of the amphetamines or methedrine

Acapulco gold: a superior and powerful form of marijuana, said to grow in the Acapulco region of Mexico; often, any strong marijuana

acid: LSD

acid freak: chronic and frequent user of LSD

acid head: more or less regular user of LSD

acid rock: music influenced by the psychedelic experience or thinking process

amys: vials of amyl nitrite, a vasodilator

bag: (1) a quantity of drugs: for marijuana users, a "nickel bag"; for heroin addicts, a quantity of heroin; for amphetamine users, a quantity of methedrine; (2) a mood, a direction, an emphasis, style or taste

bang: (1) a sudden, sensual flush of pleasure as an intravenously injected drug---heroin or methedrine, usually---begins to take effect; (2) to have sexual intercourse

barbs: barbiturates

behind: (1) under the influence of a drug, as in: "I hallucinated behind acid"; (2) to be addicted to a drug: "That cat's strung out behind H."

bennies: benzedrine, an amphetamine blast: to smoke marijuana (an obsolete term)

blind: to be under the influence of a drug, often marijuana, to such an extent that one is unable to function normally

boo: marijuana; although generally obsolete, sometimes used humorously

brick: a block of marijuana, compressed and packaged; usually a kilogram in weight, although sometimes slightly less

bring down: to lose one's high; anything which causes one to lose one's high; that which causes one to lose any positive euphoric feeling; anything which is depressing

bum trip, bummer: a negative or unpleasant experience with a psychedelic drug; generally, any unpleasant experience

burn: to sell someone else a quantity of drugs, and not deliver them, or give adulterated drugs

bust: to arrest

buzz: a slight tingle of a drug feeling, used especially with marijuana; "I just got a buzz from that joint."

can: a quantity of marijuana, slightly more than an ounce; more often used in some geographical locales than others---Chicago, for instance (see "lid")

cap: a capsule of a drug, usually LSD

carrying: to be in possession of a drug

chippy: to use an addicting drug, usually heroin, sporadically, so that one does not become addicted

clean: (1) to prepare marijuana for smoking by removing stems twigs, and seeds; (2) not to be in legal possession of any drug, so that when the police search one's dwelling or person, no drugs will be found; (3) among addicts: abstention from an addicting drug

cocktail: a "roach" or a small amount of marijuana or hashish twisted into a regular tobacco cigarette

coke: cocaine

come down: see "bring down"

connection: drug supplier or source

cop: to obtain or buy a quantity of drugs---see "score"; generally, to obtain anything

crash: to "come down" from the long-term effects of the amphetamines

crutch: a device, often a folded matchbook, used for holding a burned-down marijuana cigarette butt (see "roach") to prevent one's fingers from being burned; a "roach holder"

crystal, crystals: methedrine

deal: to sell drugs

dealer: a seller of drugs, usually on a large scale commercial basis

dex, dexies: dexedrine, an amphetamine

dime, dime bag: Ten dollars worth of a drug

do: to take a drug; see "make"

dope: humorous term used by drug users for drugs, usually marijuana: "I smoke dope"; often heroin

downs, downies: barbiturates or tranquillizers

down: anything depressing

dynamite: an exceptionally powerful and pure quantity of a drug: "That's dynamite grass"; often denotes anything exceptionally good

fall out: to go to sleep, often after taking a drug

Fed: a federal narcotics agent

fiend: see"freak"

flash: see"rush"

freak: a chronic and heavy user of a drug, never marijuana; the term has a distinctly negative connotation

freak out, flip out: to have a psychotic experience with a psychedelic drug

fuzz: the police

gage: obsolete (sometimes humorously used) term for marijuana

G. B.: goofballs; barbiturates

gold: see "Acapulco gold."

goofballs: barbiturates

grass: marijuana

guide: someone who accompanies a person taking an LSD "trip"

H: heroin

hash: hashish

head: (1) user of a drug; contains no negative connotation; (2) mood, thoughts, opinion, taste: "Where's your head at?"

heat: the police

high: to be under the influence of a drug

joint: a marijuana cigarette

joypop: see"chippy"

key, ki: a kilogram, usually of marijuana (or sometimes hashish)

kif: North African cannabis

lay on: to give someone something, often a quantity of drugs:-"I laid some grass on the cat"; could also mean to tell someone something

lid: a quantity of marijuana, generally slightly more than an ounce; usually regionally distinctive for California and the West Coast

make: (1) to take a certain drug, to have experience with a specific drug, as in: "Did you ever make acid?" (2) to have sexual intercourse

man: (1) the police; (2) occasionally, a dealer

manicure: to take the twigs, stems, and seeds out of a bulk quantity of marijuana to prepare it for smoking

Mary Jane: an obsolete term for marijuana; sometimes used in jest

meth: methedrine, a powerful stimulant closely related to the amphetamines

micro, mike: microgram, a measure for LSD; generally, anything having to do with LSD

nark, narco: narcotics agent nickel,

nickel bag: five dollars worth of a drug, often marijuana

nod, nod out, go on the nod: to become extremely lethargic and sleepy under the influence of a narcotic drug, usually heroin

O: opium

O.D.: to take an overdose of a drug (never marijuana), usually heroin

O.Z.: an ounce, usually marijuana

Panama Red: powerful form of marijuana, usually coming from Panama

panic: the general unavailability of a drug in a given area

pod: obsolete term for marijuana

poke: (1) a puff of marijuana; (2) the jab of a needle into one's skin

poppers: vials of amyl nitrite

pot: marijuana

Prince Albert: a quantity of marijuana, or a "can," so-called because it was once put into an empty Prince Albert pipe tobacco can

psychedelic: having the quality of "expanding" the mind

pusher: obsolete term for a seller of drugs

quill: see"crutch"

reefer: a quantity of marijuana; as applied to a single marijuana cigarette, or "joint," it is generally obsolete

roach: the butt of a marijuana cigarette

rush: the sensuous feeling of an injected drug

scag: heroin

scoff: (1) to swallow a drug orally; (2) to eat

score:(1) to obtain a quantity of a drug; see "cop"; (2) the quantity of drugs that one obtains; (3) to have sexual intercourse

shit: any drug, but usually heroin; occasionally, marijuana

skin pop: to inject a drug subcutaneously, rather than intravenously, usually to avoid addiction

smoke: marijuana

snappers: vials of amyl nitrite

snort: to inhale a drug sharply through one's nostril; used with heroin and methedrine among the less frequent users (the heavier users more often inject the drug), and almost always with


snow: often heroin, sometimes cocaine

spaced, spaced out: to be high

speed: usually methedrine, but can be any of the amphetamines

spike: a hypodermic needle

spoon: (1) a level teaspoon of a drug, usually methedrine; (2) the device used to hold heroin or methedrine while it is being heated and liquefied in preparation for intravenous hypodermic injection

stash: a quantity of any drug that is hidden; generally, an amount of a drug

stoned: to be very high

stone: superlative, completely, absolutely, the ultimate

stick: obsolete term for "joint"

tab: a tablet of a drug, usually LSD

taste: a small amount of a drug, often given in exchange for a favor, or as a sample

take off: (1) see "get off"; (2) to steal a quantity of drugs

tea: somewhat lighthearted term for marijuana

toke: a puff of marijuana (sometimes opium)

toke pipe: a small pipe used especially for smoking marijuana or hashish

trey: a three dollar quantity of a drug

trip: a psychedelic drug experience; generally any involved and dramatic experience

turn on: (1) to take a drug; (2) to take a drug for the first time, almost always marijuana; (3) to become high for the first time, usually on marijuana; (4) generally, to introduce or sensitize someone to something

ups, uppies: stimulants, almost always the amphetamines

wasted: to be under the influence of a drug to such an extent that one is able to do little else but rest or sleep

weed: marijuana

weight: a large quantity of a drug, usually marijuana, often for selling purposes: "I'm looking to cop weight."

wiped out: see "wasted"

wig: an insane person

wig, wig out: to have a psychotic episode under the influence of a psychedelic drug; see "freak out," "flip out"

works: the equipment used to inject drugs intravenously, the needle, especially

yard: $100

zonked, zonked out: see "wasted"; generally, also, to be tired

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