Upcoming Conferences

    A seminar entitled Renaissance of Hemp is planned to be held on September 18, during the International Autumn Fair in Novi Sad (100 km east of Belgrade, Yugoslavia).  For details contact Dr. Janos Berenji (tel: 381-21-780-365, fax: 381-21-780-198).
   The Fourth European Regional Workshop on Flax and Hemp will convene in Rouen, Normandy, France on September 25-28 and will include contributions about hemp agronomy and processing.   Contact Dr. Ryszard Kozlowski at tel: +48 61 480-061 fax: +48 61 417-830 or by e-mail at SLAWA@ruby.poz-.edu.pl.
   At the same time the Ernte ‘96 (Harvest ‘96) hemp conference and expo will be held in Berlin from September 27-29 and promises to showcase innovative pioneers in hemp product research.   For further information contact Mathias Brokers of HanfHaus in Berlin at tel: +44 (0)30 614-9884 or fax: -2911.
   The Hemp Industries Association will hold their annual meeting September 27-29 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For more information contact Christie Bohling at tel: +1 (602) 988-9355 fax: 988-9438 or hia@aol.com.
   The North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) will hold their annual meeting will be held in Fresno, California on October 7-8.  For further information visit their web sites @ naihc.org and/or http://www.interlog.com/~ihn/naihc.hton   or write to NAIHC, P.O. Box 259329, Madison, WI, 53725-9329.
   High Times magazine has promised a Hemp Expo on November 23-25, to occur simultaneously with their other well known Cannabis event in Amsterdam.  Details can be obtained from their magazine or by calling their   European coordinator Annie Riecken at tel/fax: +31-20-673-5910.
   The Canadian Industrial Hemp Council (CIHC) has announced sponsorship of a Commercial and Industrial Hemp Symposium to be held on February 17-20, 1997 at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Center.  For more information contact Sotos Petrides or Matthew Kynaston (tel: 604-258-7171, fax: 604-258- 7144, e-mail: events@dowco.com or events@wisenoble.com).
   Finally, the Second Bioresource Hemp Symposium will be held at the Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, Germany from February 27 through March 2, 1997.  It will be primarily a scientific symposium, with a minimum of product exhibits.  They expect approximately 500 partici-pants from over 20 countries, and if anything like the first conference held in Frankfurt (March ‘95), it will be the one hemp event of next year that you cannot afford to miss!  For further details, Michael Karus can be reached at tel: 49-2233-97-83-70 or fax: 49- 2233-97-8369.