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Hemp Commerce & Farming Report On-line

Since the closing of Commercial Hemp magazine, numerous pivotal developments in the Canadian hemp industry have gone seemingly unnoticed. Due to the need expressed for a topical, verifiable reporting vehicle for the Canadian hemp industry, Arthur Hanks, former editor of Commercial Hemp magazine, and Ryan Crawford, previous contributor to Commercial Hemp magazine, have started the Hemp Commerce & Farming Report. The HCFR is a free electronic publication dedicated to the advancement and development of North America's new industrial hemp industry. Available only on-line, each issue of the HCFR provides topical, well-researched and well-crafted information to all participants in this growing industry.

Associations working in the industry are invited to pass the newsletter on to their members, and webmasters are encouraged to post the HCFR as a free information service. Subscriptions are free to interested parties. We welcome distribution of this newsletter among your members. In return, we would appreciate knowing how many members the HCFR will reach so that we can provide our sponsors with accurate information about our circulation.

The Hemp Commerce & Farming Report (HCFR) is now on-line at:

Back issues can be viewed at:

More website postings are coming soon. If there are any webmasters out there who are posting our material please e-mail us and tell us about your site. Sorry, we cannot mail or fax this journal. Please ask your local agricultural or trade group if they can do so.

The HCFR is published monthly by Arthur Hanks Editing & Media Services, a Vancouver-based communications company. For editorial inquiries, and webmaster postings, contact Arthur Hanks, Editor at: "arthurhanks@hotmail.com" or phone +1 (604) 255-4332, fax +1 (810) 314-2138. For sponsorship or advertising inquiries, contact Jason Freeman at: "jfreeman@ssm.net" or call +1 (604) 255-7979, fax +1 (419) 730-9858.


The Boston Hemp Co-op's Digital Library and Museum is now on-line at: http://hempology.org/ and includes many groups of references pertaining primarily to industrial hemp history. Under "Hempology: The study of hemp", articles dating back to 1810 are posted. Numerous USDA articles documenting the history of hemp are also present. A 1739 print of Cannabis, a poem written by Longfellow in 1859 and an excerpt from a 1900 novel can be enjoyed. In addition, details of America's "Hemp for Victory" and "Reefer Madness" campaigns can be found.

Over the last several years, John had articles and editorials published in several publications including Hemp Magazine, Hemp World, Journal of the International Hemp Association, Cannabis Canada, and Hemp Times. These articles (and more!) now reside at: "http://hempology.org/". Educate yourself and then inform others. Many more articles and images will be added to this site in the future. Your constructive comments about the layout and contents are most welcome.

John E. Dvorak <boston.hemp@pobox.com>

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